In February, David and I spent a week in Troncones, an unspoiled beach paradise 40 miles north of Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo. On the way back home, we managed to totally surprise my folks, who were visiting my sister Julie in LA. An amazing trip!
Troncones & LA - Feb. 2007
Our lovely new friends Dennis and Lisa
Market table
David, three margaritas in
Folk dancing
Folk breakdancing
Whitefolk dancing
More Lisa and Dennis
Our patio at Casa Colorida
Mas patio
Our doorway
Our room
Flowers everywhere
Especially bougainvillea, which I love
A Casa Colorida fountain
Horse sculpture
The lovely pool
Another view
Our Alaska cruise ship - in Zihua bay!
Jay at La Ropa, Zihua
And David
Main Street Troncones
More than a little rustic
Surfers at the point
Futbol a la playa
The main house at Casa Colorisa
...its kitchen
...and master bedroom
Surprising The Judy
And Big L
A LOT of fun